Sabtu, 12 November 2011

New This Week : Rainy-warm November

black satin top + mini bows mocca skirt
goldie dress + forgetmenot wool necklace
tree rings dress
high collar grey jacket + tai dai legging
faded tribe flanel 
blue plaid top
tartan dress
cotton amber top
khaki green tee  + khaki pale pants
purple garden dress
sleepy lace dress + brown stockings
black flowery dress + neon blue knit cardigan
blue whitey shirt + plain white shorts
Dr. livingstone shoes
gladiator sandals
brown suede boots
*for further info about the specific item, go straight to our email*

model : ley
styling by me

4 komentar:

andaemond mengatakan...

love all of thaattt XDDDD
you're awesome kakak :p

Little Garage mengatakan...

thank you dear :) surely will visit your blog

deewardani mengatakan...

love all the dresses!!!
sending you email soon! ;)

Little Garage mengatakan...

thank kamu sudah kami balas :D *nunggu balesan lagi* :p