Rabu, 29 Agustus 2012

Head To Toe : Meet Ley

meet the girl we can never get enough with
love her newest bang. sass!!
super smile
tiny triangle stone earring
perfect old rocker tee
pinup girl totebag
just a bracelet she made and a simple watch

rolled up jeans
vintage cardinal shoes
with this ordinary ideas of everything, look how she put it all together and why we love her

Rabu, 15 Agustus 2012

New This Week : Celebrate August!

yellow cream tweed dress

pink camel dress

soft yellow mini dress | green plaid vest

brown sweater dress

white eyelet dress

pruple blue loose dress

brown plaid overall dress

tribal sixty dress

purple big puffed blouse

purple net blouse

dark grey embroidery blouse

green plaid dress

orange green summer mini dress

black and white stripes dress

electric blue jumpsuit

zebra pattern dress

brown eyelet dress

black and gold dress | purple stripes dress

brown stripes dress | red bright dress

brown plaid blouse

black knitted cardigan

green geart cardigan

grey long cardigan

salmon layered cardigan

red flanel vest

black zipper vest

grey stripes backless dress

black simple vest

white flower puffed blouse

brown flowery blouse | sleeveless white flower blouse

brown apron blouse

brown lacey stripes blouse

soft pink bow blouse

pink tiedye blouse

navy flowe blouse | brown hole blouse

green tunic

black sabrina blouse | baby blue puffed

stripes blazer

grey simple cardigan

white flower lacey blouse

plaid pocket oversized | brown lacey ruffled blouse

purple vintage sweater blouse | blue-red flower tunic

pink polka bow blouse

white cropped blouse

blue batik blouse | purple stripe blouse

green plaid pants | washed jeans | batik pants

peach pump | black white bow

green handbag | green slingback

brown suede bag

brown shiny bag | yellow bag

west lake bag

big bourbon bag

tas rotan besar

model : Ley
visit her blog and her fantastic works here :)

all items are available in our shop, Jl Cik Ditiro 36, Jogjakarta.
for shopping online, please contact us via email littlegaragemail[at]gmail[dot]com
we'll sent you the catalog of this album :)