Senin, 27 Februari 2012

Quotes Trading Jar

this is the thing that just going on in the shop this past week...

Quotes Trading Jar!!
lets play along! :D
everytime you come to the shop, write down you most favorite quote on those colorful-triangle-shape papers, fold it, put it in the jar, and you can have one folded paper where you can find just the perfect words for you!

this is so much fun. trading quotes and spread the positive words is so much fun!!


Jumat, 24 Februari 2012

our pretty little shop ;)

we treated the shop just like our own house,we want it to be nice,comfortable, and of course..pretty :D
so..put a little something in here, add a little something there, and voilaaa..
this is how it looks like now!

new plaited lamp!! more sparks at night, yay!

Cookie Jar and Quote Trading Jar!
you can still have this delicious cookies by minimum purchase 30k
and about the Quote Trading Jar, we're gonna tell you later about this :D

fresh flowers..everyday!
oh man, woman can always dig on flowers.. :p

so, what do you think about the shop's new look, folks? :D


Minggu, 12 Februari 2012

Valentine Cookies for everyone!!!

oh Valentine's day is here in a minute! soo exciteddd :D
Valentine is about sharing and caring, and we have something for you for the whole week to celebrate Valentine's Day!!

a giveaways cookies for every purchase minimum 30k!

this yummy cookie made by Kudapan Paman Beruang. oh they're great at making kudapan. brownies, cookies, cake, you named it! you can have all you favorite snacks made by Paman Beruang :D  just follow their twitter @SiPamanBeruang or text them at 081802680823!

don't missed this lovely week. come to the shop, and get the yummy cookie for yourself :3


Jumat, 10 Februari 2012

New This Week : Sweet Valley

Brown Hippie Dress

Grey Blazer | Brown Transparent Dress

Christmas Dress

Golden Drapery Dress

Grey Layered Blouse | Black Pleads Skirt

details for Grey Layered Blouse and Black Pleads Skirt

Black Babydoll Dress

Navy Flower Dress | Yellow Embroidery Dress

Brown Pocket Dress | Purple Polka Dress

Tosca Dress

Violet Pastel Dress

Cotton Navy Dress
details for Cotton Navy Dress
Peachy Blouse | Off-White Butterfly details

Off-White Butterfly Dress

Creamy Peach Shirt | Green Flowery Skirt | White Ruffled Blouse

Bow Sweater | Red Polka Skirt

Flanel Flower Shirt | Grey Polka Blouse

Net Cardigan | Denim Jeans | Cotton Khaki Blouse

Black Ruffled Blouse | Tie Dye Legging | Navy Blouse

Satine Shirt | Black Vest | Blue Plaid Shirt
Leather Eyelet Shoes

Model : Ley


all items are available at our shop, Jl Cik Ditiro 36, Jogjakarta.
for shopping online, please contact us via email little[dot]garage[at]hotmail[dot]com
we'll sent you the catalog of this album :)