Minggu, 30 Oktober 2011

Sunday Loves : Hellow to Halloween

welcome to the end of October!
though we here in Indonesia are not celebrating Halloween as much as western do, it always fun to have a little celebration on our own :D
here you go, we found everything but creepiness about Halloween!

House costume from Wizard of Oz. dare you to wear this! :D

black, lace, mysterious look...Halloween sure brings some inspiration

our color palette for Halloween. perfecto!

trick or treat is a must, and these apple caramel looks yummm..

skull tattoo a la Mexicano. a temporary one will do ;)

Rabu, 26 Oktober 2011

New This Week : octoberfest #2

blue transparent kimo ; pink tee dress ; flower shirt dress
flower cropped singlet + burgundy blazer ; stripe high collar sweater
transparent shirt ; birds and flowers shirt ; pink bow collar shirt all paired with blue polkadots shorts
white polkadots cropped top ; white lacey top
blue polkadots sleeveless top; brown flowers tee ; rainbow top all paired with pleaded skirt
fuschia tank top ; white thai singlet ; blue plaids top all paired with 3/4 jeans
white double transparent top ; white embroidered top
red polkadots sabrina top ; brown shirt + necklace + leopard bag
grey tee + black high waist tulip skirt ; plaids knit dress + white long cardigan
pink leaves dress ; blue stripes and flowers shirt dress ; pale flowers shirt dress
milk mocca dress ; black v-neck dress
chinese dress ; mocca dress


Senin, 24 Oktober 2011

Craft Carnival 2011

we had a blast-and-blessed Sunday at Craft Carnival 2011!!!

as we can tell from the title, Craft Carnival is a carnival for craft and hand-made products. lucky us, though we're not a crafter anyway, we're allowed to join the event! here are some reports :D

 The "Shop" ;)

 The Customers :D

 and...Us! yey!

 Thank you so very much for shopping, for stopping by and say hi to us!
thank Craft Carnival, we'll see you again next year, yes? :D


Senin, 17 Oktober 2011

busy school day

3G, helena, laras . word, unyu!
for her mom. yay!
tita, rima. tried everything that possibly can for their "vintage party" bookyear :D
love the dress on you!
they were keeping me busy and felt good about it. thx girls!

Minggu, 16 Oktober 2011

new little things in the shop

1. fresh flower in cute bottles
2. another favorite basket. for magazines.
3. wooden bottles
4. dry flowers. love!
5. pottery
6. cans of mackerel
7. giant birdie
8. giant birdie at night