Minggu, 02 Oktober 2011

Sunday Loves : D.I.Y

no more lazy Sunday, folks!
here are some tutorial for your Sundays. trust me, its fun!

though we don't have fall here in Indonesia,
it doesn't mean that we can't bring one to our room. try this one :D

get a little bit of androgyny look with this handmade zipper necklace
its quirky yet so fabulous!

 they told us to not to playing with fire,
but nobody told us to not to playing with WIRE
make some, and graced you wall with them ;)

 we never get enough of feather, don't we? 
get your hippie look with this earring!

really love this!! lucky you to have a beautiful long hair.
this is so simple, easy and pretty :)

so there, no more lazy Sunday for the rest of October :D
happy trying, folks!

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