Selasa, 11 Oktober 2011

New This Week : Octoberfest

from left to right
sleeveless flowery lines shirt + black jeans ;
baby blue cotton top + black polka cardigan + skirt ;
hologram dress + wool hat
purple flower top ;
cotton yellow lace tank top + washed jeans + brimmed hat ;
wool flower dress + hat
satin tube jumpsuit + scarf as turban ;
hood army dress + red pompom sling bag ;
grey cotton tee
tube stripes dress ;
red beverly sweater + jeans skirt ;
see through top + hat
see-through sailor top ; tartan top ; birdie tee
all paired with neon blue high-waist skirt
cotton pink halter dress ; blue stripes white pads sweater
black v-neck top ; cotton blue singlet
all paired with zebra high-waist skirt
oversize chocolate sweater
oversize satin dress modified
back bow top + retro skirt + necklace
green oversize knit + scarf
green polka puff tube dress
mocha sweater
red stripes tee + black velvet blazer

model, LEY


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