Selasa, 25 September 2012

New This Week : September Be Brighter #1

blue and yellow plaid dress | purple ornament dress

black cotton dress | little flowers dress

little black dress | hibiscus summer dress

stripes tanktop | greem embroidery blouse

reversible raincoat

grey stripes blouse | purple oversized stripe

soft brown polka blouse | flowery blouse | denim kulot

red plaid shirt | white shirt

soft stripes blouse | grey plaid pants

grey embroidery blouse

grey cotton blouse | pastel drawstring blouse

flowery brown blouse | black tanktop

black flowery tunic
pink tunic | soft green cardigan | polka skirt

pink sweater blouse | grey ruffled | tartan skirt

grey pattern blouse | blou flowery skirt | black tshirt | pastel tulip skirt


purple etnic skirt | tulip skirt | red hibiscus long skirt

washed jeans jacket | black mini tshirt | purple-blue skirt

sandy woven barret | plaid barret

white sheer hat | blue sheer hat

white brocade hat | pompom beenie

ribbon hat | stripes hat

black flowery hat | tosca hat

white thailand bag | woven bag

grey linen bag | tribal totebag

black hobo bag

green rug bag

button woven bag

black knitted bag

black flowery bag

red brick stripes bag

green pattern handbag

stripes slingbag

brown slingbag | white slingbag

grey plaid handbag | brown braid bag

grey stripes handbag | blue ribbon clutc

mickey clutch

black totebag | red black plaid clutch

black metal clutch | lips pouch

model : Ley
visit her blog and her fantastic works here :)

all items are available in our shop, Jl Cik Ditiro 36, Jogjakarta.
for shopping online, please contact us via email littlegaragemail[at]gmail[dot]com
we'll sent you the catalog of this album :)