Selasa, 27 Desember 2011

Head To Toe : Meet Azizah Laurensia

i call her Ijah,
we bumped in to each each other at some movie festival a few weeks ago
that night, she looks casual and chic, like always.
i think she could be an inspiration for your end year party,
lets meet her then ^^
~ ~ ~

 meet Ijah ^^

 this is the key! bowler never fails, dont you think?

a "pendant-less" necklace, state the simplicity :D

like her gesture!

this is how you wear your bracelet for your simple-plain outfit

a-folded-short-jeans. coolness!

and a simple flats-shoes, never fails as well
surely there's enough room for everything on the bag, aight? :D

Ijah on her whole-look
simple yet soooo chic <3

~ ~ ~

now you have something to wear on your end-year party, folks!
just grab something simple and enjoy your night :D


Senin, 28 November 2011

New This Week : Remember November

black spaghetti dress
grey balloon dress
dark grey ruffled dress

preppy bow dress

orange chrysanthemum blazer
cotton polka dress

over-sized knit sweater

over-sized black top

purplish loose dress

polka loose top
amber loose top
zoo skirt

wild flower shirt

yellow ruffled shirt

black lacey top

green embroidery shirt

cotton hippie top

white vintage top
purple vintage skirt

purplish flowery tee
ruffled tie-dye cardigan

mocha tee
striped off-shouldertop
plaid blue top
pattern green skirt

over-sized grey jacket

plain grey tee
preppy dark blue skirt

 mocha tee
green shirt
orange roses skirt

blueish flower top
striped white top

furry choco sling bag

tropical handbag
choco handbag
green felt handbag


Senin, 21 November 2011

Head To Toe : Meet Gadis

one day at the 'pofertjes' cafe. 
putri accidentally met her.
she said "i might find our next HTT".
well, she did ^^

warm. catch our eyes.
cute short hair. in this extension era. fresh.good call!
look all the different pattern and color.
stripes, flowers, braids.
blue leather brown
she put it all just perfect together!
one small cute blue butterfly ring on the right
stone balls bracelet on the left
more pattern for this all times shoulder bag
the belt!! *whoever invented that way to put it on your waist is genius*
and with not putting too much energy to the accessories. combo.
graded caramel shoes
simply something :)


Sabtu, 12 November 2011

New This Week : Rainy-warm November

black satin top + mini bows mocca skirt
goldie dress + forgetmenot wool necklace
tree rings dress
high collar grey jacket + tai dai legging
faded tribe flanel 
blue plaid top
tartan dress
cotton amber top
khaki green tee  + khaki pale pants
purple garden dress
sleepy lace dress + brown stockings
black flowery dress + neon blue knit cardigan
blue whitey shirt + plain white shorts
Dr. livingstone shoes
gladiator sandals
brown suede boots
*for further info about the specific item, go straight to our email*

model : ley
styling by me