Selasa, 27 Desember 2011

Head To Toe : Meet Azizah Laurensia

i call her Ijah,
we bumped in to each each other at some movie festival a few weeks ago
that night, she looks casual and chic, like always.
i think she could be an inspiration for your end year party,
lets meet her then ^^
~ ~ ~

 meet Ijah ^^

 this is the key! bowler never fails, dont you think?

a "pendant-less" necklace, state the simplicity :D

like her gesture!

this is how you wear your bracelet for your simple-plain outfit

a-folded-short-jeans. coolness!

and a simple flats-shoes, never fails as well
surely there's enough room for everything on the bag, aight? :D

Ijah on her whole-look
simple yet soooo chic <3

~ ~ ~

now you have something to wear on your end-year party, folks!
just grab something simple and enjoy your night :D


2 komentar:

OJANTO mengatakan...

itu teman saya ituuu :D :D :D

Little Garage mengatakan...

samaa..kamu juga teman kamiiii :p