Senin, 07 November 2011

Head to Toe : Meet Elia Nurvista

cotton lace top with mini triangle holes. fave.
geometric pattern blazer. 
only few people can pull off white and red at one frame without looking flag-ey
she's in the few. love!
this is how:
put on other colors. 
tie dye blue on the hair will do. its cotton scarf, garage bought. yeehaw!
stitched collar. her DIY.
shorts. washed. jeans.
ripped. perfect!
 A.Jane oxfords
such a fun quirky person. peculiar minds and twitch hands for sure.
her work Simalakamma 


2 komentar:

Ida Ayu Melati mengatakan...

HWUAAAAAA!!! :D mbak elia, aku juga punya sepatu ituuuu. hihihihihi...

Little Garage mengatakan...

mau jugaaa!!