Kamis, 08 November 2012

DIY Project : Wall Installation

this is how we spend our last weekend, doing a DIY Project by making wall installation using lots of nails and yarns. it was fun and easy project to do!

this is how we do it, why dont you try it out as your weekend project? :D

all you need is lots lots lots of nails, and yarns. we use cotton yarns. and dont forget your hammer!

having fun with the shape! you can doodle something directly to the wall. or if you're not that confident like us, print some text as your mold :))

need a hand from a man :D

we nailed it! yeah! ...err..okay, mas Kamto did :p

this is the fun part!

closer look. we're making a yarn web.

one more to go

no rules. just having fun with the yarn!

start everywhere, choose random letter to do it :D

we love cotton yarns, they're good and though!

when its done, its done! enjoy your artwork while sipping a giant glass of ice tea as a reward :D

happy trying, folks!
see you on the next DIY Project


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