Sabtu, 13 Oktober 2012

New This Week : October #1

brown fleur dress | grey plaid mini dress

grey pattern tanktop | grey sweater blouse

big denim shirt | polka raincoat

detail for polka raincoat

green pattern sheer blouse | oversized embroidery tunic

polka cow vest | purple green blouse

cream knitted cardigan

white knitted blouse | soft yellow tunic

tropical cropped tanktop

colorful plaid blouse

linen shirt | red rose blouse

off white drawstring dress | pink abstrack dress

dark flower shirt

tropical shirt | geometrical blue shirt

etnic blouse

black loose cardigan

flowery jumpsuit | preppy dress

cream sweater dress

purple flowery dress | geometrical button dress

brown textured dress

black embroidery blouse

sunflower pants | green kebaya outer

brown drawstring blouse

model : Ley
visit her blog and her fantastic works here :)

all items are available in our shop, Jl Cik Ditiro 36, Jogjakarta.
for shopping online, please contact us via email littlegaragemail[at]gmail[dot]com
we'll sent you the catalog of this album :)


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