Sabtu, 05 Mei 2012

New This Week : May #1

Lime Green Dress

Purple Geometrical Dress

Flowery Thailand Dress

Ceongsam Ethnic Dress

Big Yellow Flower Dress | Black Baby Doll Dress
Tiger Blouse | Furry Green Blouse

Wonder Woman Tube | Tosca Short Pants

Pastel Purple Kashmeer Blouse

Pastel Peach Ceongsam Blouse

Flowy pastel Pink Blouse

Tribal Green Tanktop

Loosen Salmon | Loosen yellow

Tosca Tunic | Tricolour Tunic

Mocha Blouse | Grey Hoody Cardi

Peach Patchwork Blouse

Purple Tanktop

Purple Tee | Green-Yellow Polka Blouse
Grey Roses Sweater | Striped Pink Tanktop

Brown Tanktop

White Lacey Tanktop

Green Skirt-Pants

White Cotton Blouse | Blue Flowery Skirt

Striped Orange Shirt

Red Flowy Blouse | Ruffled Grey Skirt

Ruffled Black TankTop | Purple Silk Blouse

Navy Long Vest

Grey Oversized Sweater

Black Tunic

Pink Vest | Greyish Long Tee

Halter Neck Dress | Flowery Shirt Dress

Leather Skirt | Red Tartan Skirt

Flowery Flowy Skirt | Pink Skirt
High Waist Pants | Flowy Black Skirt

model : Ley
visit her blog and her fantastic works here :)

all items are available in our shop, Jl Cik Ditiro 36, Jogjakarta.
for shopping online, please contact us via email littlegaragemail[at]gmail[dot]com
we'll sent you the catalog of this album :)


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Damar Wijayanti mengatakan...

white lacey tank topnya berapa?

garage girls mengatakan...

55rb :D kalo mau order, email aja ke littlegaragemail(at)gmail(dot)com yaaa :D

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